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“Murderers! Stop murdering. Everyone will die eventually. Just sit down and be patient.”

Russel Brand (via awesome-sharon-posts)

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tbh: I feel like I don't see you enough on tumblr anymore. (but that may be, because I follow to many people or because I am myself not on tumblr often enough, lately...) love your stuff, tho


Awh I know! I’ve been busy with college and university arrangements, but don’t worry, I’m back! Thank you hehe, I’m glad that people like you actually like my blog :3

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“Pretty soon I believe people will have to rely on music to get some kind of peace of mind, or satisfaction, or direction, actually. More so than politics, the big ego scene. You know it’s an art of words… Meaning nothing.”

Jimi Hendrix (via viviling)

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